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Sabin Community Association Board Meeting minutes for 12 January 2009

Location: Cooking Class, Whole Foods. 7 -9 pm. Rachel Studer presiding.

In attendance were Naomi Lambertson, Jerry Channell, Betty Walker, Ric Alexander, Ian Lomax, Jeff Strang, Rachel Studer, Chika Saeki, Clay Veka, Liberty Wilson, Lauren McCartney, Barbara Conable.

During introductions and greetings , Ric Alexander reported that his Sabin property had been broken into and valuable items stolen. We extend our sympathy to Ric for his losses.

PRESENTATION: SUNDAY PARKWAYS, Janis McDonald, Transportation Options Project Manager, City of Portland Office of Transportation, 503-823-5358, janis.mcdonald@pdxtrans.org. Janis reported that, in 2008 in the first Sunday Parkways, six miles of streets had been closed for activities and thousands of people had participated. Patterned after a similar event in Bogata, Columbia, Sunday Parkways has been imitated also in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, El Paso, and Seattle.

In 2009, the date for Sunday Parkways in Northeast Portland is 19 July, from 9-4, with similar events elsewhere on 21 June and 16 August. The closed-off area overlaps only slightly with the Sabin community on the north side--on Going Street between 17th and 22nd--but that may be enough to encourage participation. The project is looking for involvement from the neighborhoods, for funders, and for hundreds of volunteers. Arbor Lodge, for instance, is contributing musicians, stage crew, and d.j.’s. Rachel asked if there are art fairs associated with the event, and the answer was that there are, but on the periphery of the closed blocks.

Rachel wondered about using the Hydropark for Sabin involvement and Jeff wondered the same about the proposed Going bike corridor. Liberty Wilson, as events coordinator, will consider Sabin involvement in the event so that planning can be done at future Board meetings. Rachel suggested that Janis keep us posted about the contributions of other neighborhoods. Janis called that “a great idea,” and described the extensive publicity that the event will enjoy.

Betty Walker asked about the Sabin art fair and Judy replied that it would be around the third week in June, the exact date to be determined.

MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 2008 BOARD MEETING. Distributed and accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT. Chika Saeki gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

Balance as of Nov. 10, 2008. $3873.04.

Income. Ads - $180.00; Donation from Kenneth and Jane Gravel, $25.00: total income $205.00. Balance then: $4078.04.

Expenditures. Amy Hunter $13.51 (general mtg), $160.00 (holiday party); Barbara Conable $21.27 (invitations): total expenditures: $194.78.

Balance as of 12 January, $3883.26.

WELCOME TO THE NEW BOARD. Rachel observed in the written agenda that, “We will probably need to be stricter with attendance because of pressure of folks wanting to serve.” Nasir Najieb and Naomi Lambertson were accepted by the Board as Members at Large by unanimous vote.


BUSINESS LIAISON - Liberty Wilson;
BYLAW REVISION - Judy Harrison;
CLEANUP - Jerry Channell, 4106 NE 16th Ave. 97211, 503 282 7584, bionchan@onemain.com; Betty Walker, 3124 NE 17th Ave. 97212, 503 281 1768, no email.
COMMUNICATIONS - Ian Lomax, 1102 NE Shaver 97212, 503 724 8433, sabin.communications @ gmail.com;
EVENTS - Liberty Wilson;
ENVIRONMENT-Trent Thelen, 3512 NE 12th Ave. 97212, 503 417 4459, trentthelen@hotmail.com;
LAND USE AND TRANSPORTATION - David Sweet, 4520 NE 19TH AVE. 97211, 503 493 9439, david @sabingreen.net;
PUBLIC SAFETY -Nasir Najieb;
representative to NORTHEAST COALITION: David Sweet.

The agenda for the meeting read, “All Board members should serve on at least one committee or take other SCA responsibility.”


BUSINESS LIAISON. Liberty reported that she intends to create a Sabin Business Directory which will include the many home businesses within Sabin. She will address the availability of business ads in Sabin material to see if it might be expanded. Liberty recommends that the current Sabin brochures be rapidly used so that the brochure can be updated and smaller printings made in the future to allow for more frequent correction. She intends to be in personal contact with business owners. She will meet with Ian to see how she might work with the Communications Committee to support Sabin businesses. Rachel observed that we need to thank Whole Foods for our meeting space. Jerry raised the issue of business conduct, implying that SCA might need a Code of Conduct for businesses, or “good neighbor agreements.”

BYLAW REVISION. Judy Harrison reported that work would begin soon on the revision with the help of the NECN, a draft to be presented to the Board in February or March.

CLEANUP. Jerry and Betty distributed an agenda which asked to “establish a monthly clean-up column” in the newsletter of approximately two hundred and fifty words. Nine possible subjects for the column were proposed. A teaser was requested for the February and March editions of the newsletter, as was a coupon for April to promote the annual clean-up event. Funding for the committee was discussed under the agenda heading: Ongoing Funding of Clean-up Committee endeavors. Rachel referred the Board to an 8 December 2008 letter from Jerry which stated, “Thirdly, because we envision using funds on an on-going basis for promoting Clean-up Committee efforts, we wish to develop an annual budget that is earmarked exclusively for our efforts. We view the spring Clean-up event as a specialized revenue creating event and believe most of the funds generated should be directed to efforts that enhance and develop solutions....” After some discussion of the proposal, including the observation that the Board is obligated by its by-laws to oversee the work of standing committees, it was agreed that the Clean-up Committee would submit a proposed budget to the Board at its next meeting. A final agenda item with regard to the committee’s contacting a Metro representative to speak at a Board meeting was not discussed nor was an item which proposed a name change for the committee, suggesting: Sabin Reuse, Recycling and Refuse Committee, Sabin Recycling and Clean-up Committee, or The Sabin Community Association Clean-up and Repurposing Committee.

COMMUNICATIONS. This is a new committee to include publicity and promotion for Sabin, writing and publishing the newsletter, and the creation and maintenance of a Sabin website. Ian Lomax, the committee’s chair, is soliciting new members, stating, “This is a lot of effort,” and “I can’t do this all by myself.” Indeed. Think if you know someone within the community to ought to be on Ian’s committee.

ENVIRONMENT. Barbara Conable presented a written report as follows: Members: Trent Thelen, Chair; Barbara Conable, Vice-chair; Kim Lomax, Sabin coordinator for Friends of Trees. Meetings are the last Monday of each month at 6 pm at the Whole Foods at Fremont and 15th in the Cooking Class area. The committee’s purpose is to promote environmental stewardship in the Sabin neighborhood by providing resources and information for residents about sustainable practices in their homes and in the community; to enhance the Sabin neighborhood's outdoor spaces; to initiate environmental projects for the benefit of the neighborhood. It’s projects are: February Friends of Trees planting, coordinated by Kim Lomax; Trent Thelen’s special project to be announced; Trent Thelen to provide oversight of the Hydropark and to some degree the Irving Park, especially the proposed replacement of climbing apparatus in the play area; S.C.A.P.E., the Sabin Curb Appeal Property Enhancement group, experienced Sabin gardeners available to help Sabin residents who need assistance. First meeting in Jan. At least one of us will train to be a Neighborhood Tree Steward. We will find ways to help with Sabin School’s outdoor projects. We will pursue the dream of a tour of Sabin gardens and sustainable homes.

LUCT. Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting Notes January 12, 2009. Present: Ric Alexander, Jeff Strang, Trent Thelen, Clay Veka, Kirke Wolfe, David Sweet. Vision and goals: We had an informal discussion about our vision for the Sabin Neighborhood and the role of the LUTC. In addition to responding to development proposals in Sabin, we hope to proactively encourage development that maintains and enhances the livability of Sabin. The Portland Plan, the City’s new comprehensive planning effort, may offer opportunities to guide future development in Sabin. The following are some of the ideas that were expressed by individual committee members during brainstorming. These are preliminary thoughts, and this discussion will continue at future meetings.

Retain the diversity of Sabin by encouraging a range of economic choices in housing.

Promote increased density as a strategy to make housing more affordable.

Encourage creativity and individuality in housing design.

Promote green building and sustainable living.

Consider possible expansion of the Fremont commercial district.

David Sweet reported on a few items from recent meetings of the NECN Land Use Committee.

PDC is studying the possibility of extending Urban Renewal Area boundaries up Alberta and Killingsworth Streets. This could result in infrastructure improvements and the availability of low-interest loans to businesses and homeowners.

The Portland Streetcar System Plan Study is wrapping up. The Plan, to be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council this spring, will include possible routes for eventual expansion of the Portland Streetcar. Northeast routes currently under consideration include MLK, Killingsworth, Alberta, Broadway/Weidler, and Sandy.

At the request of the SCA, the Going Street Bicycle Boulevard was endorsed by the NECN Board in a letter to City Commissioners.

Transportation Agenda: Rachel has asked that someone else take the lead in pursuing the priorities established by the SCA in March 2008. Trent and Clay agreed to work together on this. Trent plans to apply for a Green Streets grant for Fremont which would include the pedestrian improvements we have requested.

We discussed the Traffic Engineer’s report on pedestrian safety at 15th and Prescott. Trent will draft a letter thanking PDOT for the response and the recommended signage, and looking forward to the realignment of the crosswalk in the near future.

Respectfully submitted,
David Sweet

PUBLIC SAFETY. A written report from Nasir of the NE Coalition safety meeting on 8 November, including a presentation about finding ways to enforce laws against posting flyers to corner polls given by Marcia Dennis, Graffiti Abatement Coordinator, mdennis@ci.portland.or.us. Additional items in the report were about the postponement of police appreciation day to make it more inclusive of the night officers, a public safety evaluation of Humboldt Middle School, gun turn-in day in the Cully Neighborhood, a home invasion in the Alameda area, an increase in violent crimes within the Portland Metro area, and more car burglaries. Residents are cautioned to remove all belongings from cars on the street.

EVENTS. It was noted that the SCA Holiday Gathering had been a well-attended success.

FUND-RAISING. Newly appointed Member at Large Naomi Lambertson will serve as a fund-raising/financial overseer for the SCA (title to be invented).

NEW BUSINESS. Should Sabin have a dialogue about Sabin identity and mission? Ian Lomax volunteered to consider this issue as part of the task of promoting the Sabin neighborhood. Lauren said she would help.

Lauren gave some announcements from NECN. The first was about two upcoming grant opportunities from Vision into Action and Village Building Convergence.
The Village Building Convergence will be accepting applications for this year’s projects that will take place in the summer. This organization does “green” community building projects. You can find an application and more information here: http://www.cityrepair.org/wiki.php/projects/vbc9#host.a.vbc.site. The deadline is coming up fast (January 29th)!

The second, Vision into Action grants: Gabrielle Buvinger-Wild, Vision into Action Grants Coordinator, 503-823-9589 gabrielle.buvinger-wild@ci.portland.or.us. “Vision into Action will award grants of up to $20,000 to community and neighborhood projects. Larger awards of $15,000 to $20,000 will be reserved for projects that facilitate active partnerships between two or more groups. Through the Community Action Grants, VIA hopes to encourage a greater level of collective community action in the realization of Portland's shared vision. Projects will reflect the Portlander's core values identified through the visionPDX process: Community Connectedness and Distinctiveness, Equity and Accessibility, Sustainability, Accountability and Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity, Innovation and Creativity, Safety.

Lauren invited members to attend the monthly luncheon with Sylvia Evans at NECN and the monthly event for Boards, which will be next in the evening of 2 February but probably subsequently on Friday mornings. Contact Lauren: lauren@necoilition.org.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conable,

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