Tuesday, March 3, 2009


by Rachel Studer

David Sweet, chair of the SCA Land Use & Transp Comm., attended one of the TriMet Open Houses to allow folks to ask about the cutbacks proposed to solve the $13 million payroll shortfall. The LUCT has taken a position opposing the elimination of Bus 33-Fremont, ande has asked the LUCT of the NE Coalition to do the same.

At the Open House, Tom Mills, the TriMet official who previously attended an SCA Board meeting to explain another TriMet action, said that more comments were received opposing cutting 33 than any other measure. The reason for the cut is not low ridership but that riders should be able to walk to alternate buses, ones that travel north/south and connect with the MAX. A large issue is that there will be a reduction of service to Eman uel Hospital, involvi9ng one to two transfers.

David said, “It is tragic that cuts are being made just now when ridership is up, and there is greater than ever need to serve people with low incomes and fewer options.” Rosemary Cordello asked how much could be saved by eliminating Fareless Square. Answer $3-5 million. “At least this would make up a third of the deficit,” she said.

David says that the plan to cut 33 might be scrapped if there is enough public pressure. He asked that people contact TriMet during March. The final decisions will be made in June, with implementation on Sept. 1. Send comments to: comments@trimet.org; 503-962-5806, TTY 503-238-5811; TriMet-MK2, 4012 SE 17th, Portland 97202.

Also keep watching for dates of public hearings - “Every voice counts,” says David.

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