Tuesday, March 3, 2009


by Rachel Studer

Hearty approval of this project by the SCA Land Use &
Transportation Committee led to a letter to the NE Coalition’s LUT Committee, which in turn reached city ears. Following action by7 the mayor, Portland Bureau of Transportation bike official, Roger Geller, confirmed that work would start “any day now,” with Phase I, installing new signage. This will include reversing stop signs so that bike traffic will be unimpeded, also signs identifying the bike boulevard.

Later phases will address traffic calming devices.

Federal Stimulus dollars will be used for Phase I. Getting these funds so early suggests considerable alertness and skill on the part of people who advocate for bikesas well the high status of the bicycle in Portland.

When asked if there will be signs on Prescott nudging bikers toward Going, SCA LUCT chair, David Sweet said no, but that the community can use all forms of publicity to get that message across. For example, the Sunday Parkways on July 19 would offer a chance to discourage bikes on Prescott.

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