Monday, October 24, 2011

Cell tower public comment session on Wednesday, October 26th

Courtesy of Representative Michael Dembrow's newsletter:

"Proposed T-Mobile Wireless Installation—Good Thing Or Bad?
Neighborhood opposition to cell towers is not a new issue in Portland.  The City Council recently created a new public process for proposed wireless installations, including a requirement that the cell company hold a public community meeting where neighbors can provide input and suggestions for changes to any proposed installation.  One of these meetings is coming up on Wednesday, October 26th, regarding a proposed installation in the Alameda-Concordia neighborhood.  T-Mobile is proposing a wireless installation on top of a utility pole on NE Prescott and 31st.  We’ve been hearing a lot from constituents about this proposed installation, with strong feelings on both sides of the issue.  I’ll be attending myself to hear first-hand what people have to say.  I hope you’ll join me.

What: Community Meeting on T-Mobile Wireless Installation
When: Wednesday, October 26th from 7:00-8:30 PM
Where: The Little Church (5138 NE 23rd Ave.)"


Anonymous said...

UGH! Cell Towers are just another public utility (and one that EVERYBODY uses)! The provide commerce for businesses, and safety for families/children. NIMBYs are just the vocal minority. Don't let the whiners get in the way of structured development and sound public policy. Politicians always get stuck in the middle of these kinds of disputes. The good politicians should NOT compramize with the NIMBYs, they should just do what's right and explain their actions to the dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

How about I open a gas station on your front lawn? Cars are a necessity! Everyone drives them! The whole neighborhood shall gleefully line up in front of your house before heading off for work! WRONG. No one is claiming that they don't want cell phone coverage. There is a good reason to perhaps "think" and "plan" before just allowing these things to be put up EVERYWHERE. You don't just place a toilet in the middle of your kitchen because "everyone uses the bathroom." Besides, this isn't a utility like WATER, or GAS. If someone has crappy service with T-Mobile in their house, SWITCH SERVICES. It's called freedom of choice and a nice benefit we get in this country thanks to capitalism. Can you hear me now? Cell towers are not a public utility smart guy. In fact, cell COMPANIES choose not to be public utilities because if they were, they would have to pay a much higher tax bracket.

crane hire perth said...

The cell towers are obstructive within the cityscape. They should be built outside the city.