Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010 Spring Clean-up — More Awesome Than Ever!

By Austin Peterson & Jerry Channell
Clean-up Committee Co-Chairs

The Sabin Community Association Clean-up Committee is delighted to report that the 2010 Spring Clean-up held at the Marantha Church parking lot was another unprecedented success. Volunteers facilitated over 80 individual drop-offs during the 4 hour event. We completed 6 “personal pick-ups” for elders and residents in need during the event as well.

Allied Waste Services hauled away 8.25 tons of rubbish and 3.3 tons of wood/yard debris. Anfield and Sons hauled away over 3 tons of metal. We disposed of 27 TVs/monitors, 18 mattresses, 27 tires, 12 couches and 6 appliances.

Over 10 Sabinites volunteered to help expedite debris unloading during the event.
The Sabin Clean-up Committee are thankful for the support that the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and Metro provided both before and during the clean-up.

Lastly, after organizing the Spring Clean-up for 30 years, Betty Walker could not participate this year. We're sure Betty used her intrepid manner to lobby the forces of nature to guarantee the sunny day that we enjoyed. The Sabin Spring Clean-up is Betty's legacy. And the fact that Sabinites, from all sorts of places, backgrounds and ideals can get together and make Sabin a better place by simply participating is the stuff Betty loved. Thanks Betty for establishing that sort of social bedrock in our community; its a terrific foundation for each of us to continue building our neighborhood upon!

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