Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May 8 -- Sabin Neighborhood Encounter: Our Common Spaces

Want to know about the common spaces we share in our neighborhood, so we can take better care of them? Want to know where boundaries are and rules concerning public property such as parks, planting strips and rights of way? Then join us at Sabin Hydropark, NE Skidmore at 19th Ave., on
May 8, from 10am-noon. We’ll get a general orientation and talk about the facilities at the Hydropark, such as the play area and Community Garden, walk down 19th Ave. to Mason St. and the Sabin Community Orchard, cross the street to Sabin School and Sabin Gardens, head over to 15th to point out the triangle at Prescott, walk down 15th to Klickitat, stroll down the Klickitat Mall to Irving Park, and end at the Green Streets project on Fremont. From there, we can check out Ariadne Garden, a non-profit land trust project, just north of Fremont on 11th, before an optional lunch at Whole Foods.
        Stay tuned to your neighborhood newsletter
for more announcements as
we get closer to May. For
more information, contact
Jeff Strang at 503-752-9494

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