Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oct 2009 SCA Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes

Sabin Community Association, Land Use and Transportation Committee
Meeting Notes October 12, 2009; 3739 NE 16th Ave.

Present: Jeff Strang, Trent Thelan, David Sweet, Clay Veka, Ric Alexander, Rachel Studer, Elise Scolnick, Kirke Wolfe

Bike corral/pedestrian crossing at 13th/14th and Fremont—We discussed the City’s Traffic Investigation reports for Fremont. For some years now, Sabin residents have asked the City to install crosswalks, and the City has said that:
1. Crosswalks do not increase pedestrian safety
2. Crosswalks serve primarily to show pedestrians where to cross at complex crossings.
3. Every corner is legally a crosswalk under state law.
Trent says that in his discussions, the City favors 13th over 14th for a crosswalk. David suggests that rather than asking for a specific design (crosswalk) we should ask for increased safety and see what they suggest. He will call Mark Lear, head of Traffic Safety Programs and ask him to meet with us to discuss.

Green Streets/pedestrian crossing at 9th or 10th & Fremont—Trent has package of preferred design details and will request bids from contractors. We still don’t know how much money will be in our Green Streets grant. If it is not enough, we can ask the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District for a matching grant under their Partners in Conservation Program.

Mason Street Fruit Tree Project—Jeff reports that he met with a City Forester at the site, and was told that we would not be allowed to plant fruit trees in the right-of-way. This contradicts what David was told by the Mayor’s Office, and the latter is more likely correct. Jeff and Rosemarie are seeking funding for this project through the Neighborhood Small Grants program, and intend to plant trees by Spring 2010.

Bicycle Plan 2030—David reports that the City has released a comment draft of it’s new 20-year plan for bicycles. Read it online at: Public comments are due by November 8. David suggests that we write a letter suggesting that the proposed 9th Avenue bicycle boulevard should run on NE 11th between NE Schuyler and NE Beech. This would avoid the exposed aggregate surface on 9th as well as skirting Irving Park. There is consensus. David will draft a letter.

RICAP-5—The Planning Commission is considering a code change that would ease the rules for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Currently, an ADU can be 33% the size of the primary dwelling or 800 square feet, whichever is smaller. The proposal would make it 800 square feet maximum regardless of the size of the primary. David proposes that we support the change. Elise and others are opposed. No action taken.

Respectfully submitted,
David Sweet

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