Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Safe Routes to School

Hello Friends,

The start of school fast approaches. Let’s get off to the right foot, a safe and active one. Check out the latest Safe Routes Newsletter.

In this issue:

· Back to School traffic safety reminders;

· International Walk + Bike to School Day;

· More Schools & More Riders;

· Engineering Improvements at Humboldt;

· Bike Safety Crossword Puzzle

Read it online here.


Anonymous said...

You do a poor job of keeping the content of this blog relevant and timely - no updates since spetember 1st?!?

Furthermore, the views of your association are not representative of the community and serve largely as a way to stroke the egos of a tiny (and some would say lonely) group of individuals. You do not care for dialog within the community. Instead you issue edicts and decrees as a mastorbatory exercise.

The true community are those who fund the tax base for your resources, who approve your bond measures and temporary tax increases. Do not be suprised when there comes a day when you come hat in hand for help of yet another budget shortfall and the votes aren't there. Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Ian said...

Hi Anonymous,

You're right, we have done a poor job of keeping this blog up to date. But the blog is a secondary resource and most of my time is devoted to the hardcopy newsletter which we produce 9 months out of the year and which reaches a much wider audience than our "masterbatory blog. Would you like to help us keep it up to date?

The views of our association reflect just that, the views of those people who choose to PARTICIPATE in our association. Have you participated recently? Have you come to a meeting? Sent a letter to me or anyone on the board? Called someone? Since you posted anonymously I can't easily check who you are, but it would be great if you came to the general meeting on Monday to make your voice heard.

It would be even better if you volunteered to help, or even offered constructive criticism. It's really easy to post your complaints anonymously. It takes a lot more effort to stand up and say "I'd like to help" then actually show up and help.

The SCA is a group of volunteers. if you don't like the direction of the group volunteer to help, but anonymously posting your complaints here without even suggestions on how to improve doesn't help anyone.

Hope to see you on Monday,