Saturday, October 4, 2008

Minutes of the Sabin Community Association - September 8, 2008

Attending: Barbara Conable, Liberty Wilson, Judy Harrison, Ric Alexander, David Sweet, Amy Hunter, Jeff Strang, Rachel Studer, Elise Scolnick.

A round of introductions and short bios were heard.

Minutes were read and approved from the June 9, 2008 meeting.

Jeff Strang talked about the Neighborhood Inspection and Complaints group that he is associated with. The burned house on 15th and Prescott and the noise in the neighborhood at Whole Foods was discussed.

Elise Scolnick discussed the Last Thursday event at Alberta Street. 8-9,000 people attended. A section of the street was closed to traffic, there were portapotties, trash bins, and police. She discussed the Last Thursday Preservation Society who plans to distribute rules for Last Thursday to the residents of the area. There is a need for volunteers, and a bike corral. Parking in the neighborhood seems to be one of the biggest problems. For more information it is advised to go to the site:

Treasurer's Report: Income: Ads: $180, Art Show: $70, Clean-up: 291.50
Total income: $541.50
Expenditures: J. Harrison - 122.58, J. Channell - $291.50, A. Hunter - $19.28, R. Studer - $49.44, Print Results - $360, ICA - 84. Total exp. - $926.80.
Final Balance - $3218.04

Nominations for the 2009 year so far are as follows:
President - Rachel Studer
1st VP - Liberty Wilson
2nd VP - Ric Alexander
Treasurer - Chika Saeki
Corres. and Recording Sec. - Barbara Conable
Publicity Officer - none
Members at large - Judy Harrison, Elise Scolnik, Jeff Strang, Kjell Ban Zoen
More needed

Judy Harrison volunteered to rewrite the by-laws for the association.

Plans were made for the next board meeting on Oct. 13th. The General Meeting will be Oct 20th. The plan is to have the central issue - the election and ballot measures. Also Emily will give a presentation on the bike boulevard for Going Ave. Hopefully some of the candidates will attend and give a speech. Several have been contacted but will attend late.

Rachel will attend the Neighborhood Small Grants session on Sept. 29 to find out about how to do grant applications.

The Spirit of Portland Awards needs people to give names for those to be honored.

It was noted that a helper for in the Ads for the newsletter is needed. All you people who get the minutes and don't help out please contact Rachel to help.

Traffic Safety Report will be going into the mail tomorrow. All the businesses were contacted and they gave the OK about the safety on Fremont Ave. around the parks at Hydro and Irving.

It was announced that the N.E. Coalition will come to the board meeting in October.

The meeting was closed at 9:00. Submitted by, Judy Harrison

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