Friday, June 20, 2008

Minutes of the May 12, 2008 meeting

Sabin Community Association
Board Meeting - May 12, 2008, 7:00pm
Whole Foods Kitchen, Fremont and 15th
Attending: Judy Harrison, Betty Walker, Jerry Channell, Ric Alexander, Jeff Strang, Mikele Schappell, Chika Saeki, Amy Hunter, Rachel Studer, Elise Scolnick, Chris Ritter.
Clean Up Committee Report
Jerry Channell and Betty Walker reported that the Clean-Up was a great success. Over 50 volunteers work on May 3rd. Over 100 people brought materials to the Maranatha Church Parking Lot. By closing time at 2:00pm, the crew had removed six fully loaded 30-yard dumpsters, totalling 24,180 of solid waste and yard debris from the neighborhood. Anfield Metal recovered 4850 lbs. of recyclable metals. City recycling collected over 30 TV Moniters and television sets. Community Cycling Center collected six bikes and a heap of usable parts. The committee coordinated 15 curbside pick-up runs. That included 20 mattresses/boxstrings, 13 sofas, 18 large rugs, 33 tires and one refrigerator. Turn out was about the same as last year and the year before. Plans are being made for next year. The t-shirts looked great on the volunteers. The cost for them was $291. This might be covered by the NE Coalition. The costs to recycle were $648, proceeds were $549.
Thanks goes to all the volunteers that helped that day, volunteers who helped to plan the day, and Shannon at the NE Coalition of Neighborhoods who helped with paperwork, the Maranatha Church, all the recyclers, Jenny at Metro, Edwardo Banuela for cleaning up the parking lot after the event and much thanks goes to Betty and Jerry for making this event very successful. They are seeking input and volunteers for next years event. Please contact either Betty at 503-281-1768 or Jerry at 503-702-4454 for volunteer information.
Events Committee Report
Amy Hunter reported that The Hydro Park opening will be on May 18th from 2-4. Commissioner Leonard will speak along with other representatives from the Water Department. Fencing is still in limbo. At the opening will be cupcakes and juice. Water department will bring water! There will be many activities for the kids along with a tour of the community garden area. Volunteers were being sought to help with graffiti on the towers. The SCA will have a table there with newsletters and the banner (from Betty).
There was some discussion as to whether or not the SCA should man a table at the Art Hop. It was felt that the SCA would decline the offer.
Judy Harrison reported that the Art Show on the corner of Prescott and 15th (plus the Prescott Village Parking lot) for June 21st was coming along. She is distributing posters with information concerning signing up for the show. If you sign up before June 16 the fee is $10, after it is $20. For other information mail a check (make check payable to"Sabin Community Association") for the fee to Art Show, 4541 NE 16th, PDX 97211. Other venues for publicity are being investigated. It was suggested that a Mexican Band be included as a part of that day.
Discussion continued concerning Fremont at 15th. Hopes for a Kiosk at the vacant area might come about. There was some talk of a wild flower garden. This ideas was tabled for further investigation.
Amy further noted that the National Night Out will be August 5. It will be like last year: a pot luck, music, games for kids, and recognition for the volunteers for SCA.
Also she said that the "Movie at the Park" will be August 22. The movie will be "Zoro" because the producer has pulled the video "Raider of the LOst Ark" because of the new movie coming out. There will be many activities: a Elvis impersonator, Mexican Band, Costume Contest, Climbing wall, and many other activities for the kids.
Land Use and Transportation Committee
Ric Alexander reported that the committee did not meet this month but he shared information about the surrounding areas. The Portland Airport will not be spraying paint to paint the Boeing Aircraft. They have found another method to accomplish this. The Cully Neighborhood will be getting sidewalks and some new roads in the future. And the Colwood Golf Course has been zoned to industrial now. In the next 20 years the airport will be creating a runway that will impact our area. Concordia University is expanding. The airport restricted them from using a tall crane in their construction site due to air traffic.
There has been an increase of tagging in our neighborhood. Residents are asked to report the graffiti as soon as possible. The phone number is 503-823-4824.
It was reported that Tom Braibish has transcribed all the concerns voiced at the General Meeting on Transportation and Traffic Safety. Tom will present these and the three major concerns to the Portland Dept. of Transportation. Mikele will be creating an address book of all the people who attended that meeting and updating our contact with all of the e mail addresses. She will send out a report on the Hydro Park to all of these people.
Treasurer's Report
Chika Saeki reported that SCA has $3,134.34 in the bank, There were $666.77 expenses. $520 income from the NE Coalition and Ads in the newsletter. We should get $1000 from the NE Coalition for help with the newsletter.
Newsletter Report
Rachel Studer reported that the June Newsletter might discuss the Green Building. Elise will be going to a workshop on Green Building and will report on this in the Newsletter. The following are helping to create a better newsletter: Jerry doing the template, Elise doing the layout, Kamberly Willborn will seek ads, and Chika will do the billing for the ads.
Jeff Strang will be attending the Liveability Summit May 28; the topic will be "Coalition for a Liveable Future". He will report on the meeting next board meeting. He also cautioned that the Oregon Liquer Control was going to change the rules that now exist. All should go on the state web site for information.
Future Meetings
There was discussion about the topics for our fall general meeting. Thoughts were that a co-meeting with the Irvington CA might work. It was also suggested that we invite the candidates to express their views. Or a topic discussion on Crime might work. We also should have our election then.
Chika will do refreshments next board meeting. We adjourned at 8:45pm.
Respectfully submitted, Judy Harrison

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