Sunday, February 17, 2008

SCA Board Minutes- January 14, 2008

Attending: Rachel Studer, George Karlson, Jason Orth, Chris Rutter, Mikele Schappell, Amy Hunter, Ric Alexander, Chika Saeki, Sandy Bacharach, Robin Denburg, Betty Walker, Judy Harrison, Tom Braibich, Elise Scolnick.

  • This was a combined board meeting of last year’s member and the newly elected members.

  • Betty Walker and George Karlson were praised for their long term commitment to the Sabin Community Association. Betty is credited for being one of the initial members. Both were thanked for all the hard work over the last 20-30 years.

  • Updates were presented on the Spring Clean Up scheduled for May 3rd. Betty Walker and Jason Orth, Co-Chm., said that the event will be held at the Maranatha Church parking lot on 12th Ave. Volunteers are sought to help direct traffic and organize. Lunch will be provided for the volunteers.

  • Plans for 2008 were discussed. It was decided not to have monthly general meetings but 4 fun events. They include: Movie in the Park, Spring Clean Up, Ribbon cutting at the Hydro Park, and a Holiday Party. Monthly newsletter that is delivered to Sabin residences will be the primary voice of SCA.

  • Google Master will coordinate Board communication and a web page is in the works.

  • George Karlson sent out his new Newsletter distribution list to those who get the newsletter to all the homes in the Sabin district. Volunteers are sought for not only his position but for additional community members to hand out the newsletter.

  • The Board supports moving to a new meeting schedule ala committee reports. Major committees include: Land Use and Transportation (Ric Alexander, Chm., Jeff Strang, Tom Braibish, Else Scolnick), Clean Up (Betty Walker, Chm., Jason Orth, Co-Chm.), Publicity (Rachel Studer, Chm.), Events (Amy Hunter, Chm.).

  • Praise was given to Else Scolnick for her splendid efforts putting together the Sabin Brochure.

  • Committee Reports:

  • Land Use and Transportation: There was a motion made by Betty Walker to support the Irvington Community Association in their effort to prevent a huge condo being built on the corner of 15 and Hancock. It was seconded by Ric Alexander. After discussion the board voted unanimously to send a letter of support to the Historical Landmark Commission. Judy Harrison with the help of others will write the letter. (City of Portland, Historical Landmarks Commission, Attn.: Kara Fioravanti, Bureau of Planning, 1900 SW 4th Ave., Suite 5000, Portland, OR 97201)

  • The board discussed the “Hopes and Dreams” poster that was created by members who attended the Holiday Party in December. Several of the entries include: Social, fun activities, A Frisbee tournament, Agendas in the newsletter before the meeting, Crosswalk at Fremont and 11th, Grand Opening for the Sabin Hydro Park, Increased minority involvement, kid’s events, and Sabin families going to Sabin School.

  • There was a call to action for volunteers to attend the Public Safety Action Committee meeting on the 3rd Thursday at 6:00pm at the NE Coalition, 4815 NE 7th. Pizza is provided.

  • All were asked to get the Hollywood Star newspaper as there were several articles about the Sabin Community Association.

  • Ads for our newsletter will remain the same for now but Ken Rumbaugh volunteered to make them more attractive and more professional.

  • It was suggested that the National Night Out Pot Luck and Movie Night be combined, plus the Irvington Community Association be invited to participate with us. Most members were in favor of this proposal. Jeff Jones is the contact person for the Irvington CA and is on the Parks committee of the ICA. Rachael will contact him.

  • A volunteer take over the Newsletter distribution was sought. The job entails: organizing the deliverer volunteers, deliver the newsletter to the printer, pick it up, count and bag, and get the newsletter to the deliverers. The newsletter is distributed 9 months of the year.

  • Robin said that the NE Coalition would be able to provide some money for extra publicity for events. They might even have a design all set to go.

  • Several At-Large SCA members were asked to assume some of the Committee leadership roles but none stepped up.

  • There were several other suggestions by Robin as to how to follow up with the general population who attend our meetings/board meetings by asking questions: “Did you like the meeting?”, “Why did you come?”, “Would you like to get more involved?”, and “Would you like to join a committee?”.

  • Judy reported that she has sent out thank you notes to all the businesses that donated gifts for the December Holiday Party in honor of Betty and George.

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